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In comparison to Copper Wire, Fiber Optic Cables have advantages
In comparison to Copper Wire, Fiber Optic Cables have advantages

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Because the duct fiber optic cable is a newer invention, many people aren't familiar with the advantages it may provide. Fiber optics have a leg over copper or broadband Internet when investing in high-speed Internet.

Because light travels considerably faster than electrons in copper wires, fiber optic cables are significantly shorter at transmitting data. From 5 Mbps to 100 Gbps, fiber optic Internet connections are possible. This assures that there will be no lost time or productivity due to a poor Internet connection. – Additionally, fiber optics allow for "symmetric speed," which implies that the upload and download rates are equal. The fiber cable factory is affordable.

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Any time a consumer travels away from the central switch for their broadband or copper connection, the quality of the Internet signal usually suffers. Cables made out of fiber optics have a low attenuation or loss of signal power. fiber cable manufacturer in China requires fewer repeaters per mile than copper cables. Thus they may be installed every 50 kilometers instead of every 5 kilometers. It is critical to sustaining Internet speed, dependability, and access over a vast area.

On the other hand, copper wires are susceptible to electromagnetic interference from nearby heavy equipment. Fiber optic cables like aerial fiber cable, on the other hand, are not. Fiber cables, on the other hand, are not affected by power outages or weather-related oscillations. Unless the fibers are physically severed, the more robust fiber optics are immune to human or electronic interference.

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