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Armor Field Tactical Fiber Optic Cable

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What is Armored Fiber Cable? An armored fiber optic cable is made up of a cable wrapped in a steel jacket or aluminum jacket. The jacket is then covered with a protective polyethylence jacket that protects it from water and abrasion. It can be installed in ducts or run aerially. Armored fiber optic cable For added protection, armored fiber optic cable can be installed in a network. There are two types of armored fiber cables: corrugated and interlocking. Interlocking armor, which is made of aluminum and wrapped around the cable, is found in both indoor and outdoor cables. It is rugged and has superior crush resistance. Corrugated armor refers to a steel coated tape that is folded longitudinally around the cable. It can be found on outdoor cables and provides rodent and mechanical protection. Types of Armored Fiber Cable indoor armored cable The two types of armored fibre cable are indoor and outdoor. Indoor fiber optic cables will increasingly be required for installation between and within buildings due to the rapid development of fiber optic communication technology. GJFJV and GJFJBV are the most common indoor armored fibre cable types. Indoor fiber cable is less susceptible to temperature and mechanical stress than outdoor fiber cable. However, they must be fire retardant and emit low levels of smoke when burned. Indoor armored fiber optic cables are flexible enough to be installed vertically and can be handled easily. Indoor Armored Fiber Cable Features * Excellent mechanical and environmental property. * Connect with ease, agility and softness * Easy to use and flexible * Cables with Improved ATtenuation * Adapt to extreme environments and man-made destruction Outdoor armored fibre cable Outdoor armored fiber cables are designed to protect optical fibers in difficult outdoor environments. Outdoor armored fiber cables have a loose buffer design. The strengthen member is located in the middle of all the cable. The loose tubes surround this central strength member. The cable is water-resistant due to the waterproof gel inside the tube. Features * High attenuation performance * Dry water blocking to protect moisture * Polyethylene jacket to protect against the elements and UV rays * Available as Breakout Kits * Corrugated Steel Tape * Rodent Resistant * Waterblock gel available Armored Fiber Cable Application For rodent resistance and direct buried outside applications, armored fiber cable can be used. For direct burial, armored fiber optic cable can withstand crush loads, such as in rocky soil. Direct burial of cable in areas where rodents can be a problem often has metal armoring between two jackets to stop rodent penetration. Data centers are another use for armored fiber cables. These cables are placed under the floor, and there is concern about the fiber cable getting crushed. Nonmetallic armor may be used with indoor armored fiber optic cables. The metallic armored fiber cable must be properly grounded. There are many names and meanings for fiber optic components. In some companies' terminology, armor refers to a twisted rope-type cable made of heavy wire that surrounds the whole poly cable sheath/jacket. Double armor, which is two layers of steel wire ply opposite each other, is used for underwater use near shores and shoals. For strength and buried cable locating, inner metallic sheaths made of copper and/or aluminum are used.
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