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Fiber Patch Cord

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Fiber patch cord is being widely used in data and telecommunication applications. Fiber patch cord is a widely used bandwidth feeder that has many benefits for both business and enterprises. Fiber patch cord deployment will increase as gigabit-capable networks become more widespread. How can we choose the right fiber patch cord type when there are so many options? It is difficult to make a decision between the various fiber patch cord types on the market. Each end is terminated with fiber optic connectors (LC, SC, MTRJJ, ST and etc.). The connectors allow fiber optic patch cord to be rapidly connected to an optical switch or other telecommunications/computer device. Fiber jumper is an essential component for indoor use such as in data centers or server rooms. Fiber patch cord is the best choice for applications that traditional copper cables cannot reach due to its reliability, adaptability and security. There are many types of fiber patch cords on the market. In this explanation, we will divide them into two types: common fiber patch chord types and special fiber patch cord types. Common fiber patch cables can be classified according to their transmission mode, jacket type and polishing type. Duplex and simplex fiber patch cords are classified according to how many fiber strands they contain. Simplex Sfiber patch cable contains one strand of fiber and one simplex connector at each end. You can link it with two BiDi transceiver module modules with one port. Duplex fiber patch cord is made up of two strands, either of plastic or glass, with one duplex connector (or two simplex connectors). It can be linked to common transceivers and dual fiber BiDi transceivers.
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