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Optical Power Composite Cable
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1.Good flexibility and mechanical properties.

2.Opto and electricity integrated, fully save pipeline resources.

3.Electric and optical cable maintain relatively independent structure, easy to import, export and link when installation.

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◊ Good flexibility and mechanical properties.

◊ Opto and electricity integrated, fully save pipeline resources.

◊ Electric and optical cable maintain relatively independent structure, easy to import, export and link when installation

◊ Electricity lines, telephone lines, television lines, network lines, monitor lines and data lines are multi-one network, saves costs.

◊ Larger operating temperature range.

◊ Larger construction temperature range.

◊ Cable diameter and bending radius are small, freely install in small space and compatible with optical signal and electric energy transmission.


/ G.652 50/125 62.5/125
Maximum attenuation @850nm / 3.5dB/km 3.5dB/km
@1300nm / 1.5dB/km 1.5dB/km
@1310nm 0.45dB/km / /
@1550nm 0.30dB/km / /
Typical attenuation @850nm / 3.0dB/km 3.0dB/km
@1300nm / 1.0dB/km 1.0dB/km
@1310nm 0.40dB/km / /
@1550nm 0.25dB/km / /
Minimum bandwidth @850nm / 400MHz·km 160MHz·km
@1300nm / 800MHz·km 500MHz·km


Item Technical Specifications Remark
Bending Radius(mm) Dynamic 30D
Static 20D
Tensile Strength(N) Short Term 3000
Long Term 1500
(N/100mm2)Crush Resistance Short Term 3000
Long Term 1000
Operating Temperature range Electric wire -15℃~+70℃ Complywith GB5023-1997
Other materials except electric wire -40℃~+70℃
Water-blocking / Waterproof Performance No water leak if immersed in water for long time Except wire conductor
No electric leakage
Construction Temperature range -20℃~+60℃ Except electric wire
0℃~+60℃ electric wire
Weight 347kg/km (RV-2*2.5mm)
382kg/km (RV-4*2.5mm)
502kg/km (RV-6*2.5mm)
628kg/km (RV-8*2.5mm)
Mechanical Properties Stretching, crushing, impacting, repeated bending, torsion, winding and loss comply with YD / T 901-2001
Applicable System of Laying Suitable for pipe, channel, cable trenches, aerial, direct burial and so on


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